Electric underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor Heating

Scientific research has proven that the floor heating is the most advisable heating system, as it PaddedImage570316FFFFFF-warmup-electric-underfloor-heating-system-inscreed-cable-detail-563x316has an even physiological temperature distribution over the human body.


Electric Under floor heating provides efficient room heating, in any situation. It can be used in the home or in the workplace.


Electric Under floor  heating is effective because it uses the basic fact that warm air rises. If the heat source is as low as possible and spread over the entire area that needs heating, heat will be evenly and effectively spread throughout the room


Other heating systems emit hot air which rises to the ceiling, without heating the entire room, until it becomes cold, then it falls down and results in a draught.


Electric Under floor  heating is also beneficial for people with allergies or asthma, it reduces the amount of dust particles in the air being circulated than other forms of heating.


The heating cables are used not only for heating homes, offices and other buildings, but also anywhere where protection against freezing is required. They are a very effective way to counter the effects of the Irish winter on your property.


Under floor heating mats

Thanks to the low thickness of the product, the heating mat can downloadbe used in the adaptation and redecoration of existing structures that perhaps do not allow for the floor to be elevated. The heating mat system is also used in new build projects in the construction industry avoiding the necessity to spoil the aesthetics of room decoration with unsightly radiators or convector heaters